Wedding photography in Kent, London, Essex and Uk

Treasured Memories

Treasured Memories

For most people, getting married is the most significant moment in your life; an absolute bonding between two people that will last for a lifetime; how more important can it be to have beautiful photographs to remember the day forever?

Ricky Turrell knows how important memories are – and how good photographs are at encapsulating them for posterity.  A great picture tugs at the emotions – and you’ll almost certainly already have the odd photo that brings the memories and emotions that are associated with them flooding back.

Ricky has 31 years of experience photographing weddings around the UK so you’re in the hands of an expert.

Wedding photography is incredibly demanding and high pressure for a photographer so a wealth of experience and confidence is essential; every photo counts, so you can enjoy your day without ever worrying if the photos are going to look OK!

You can relax knowing that Ricky knows exactly where to be to capture each moment to perfection. He’ll take the time to get to know your personality and plans for the day so the wedding package you choose is tailored especially for you.  That way your wedding album will record your special day, just the way you want it!

Right from the pre-wedding preparations, through the ceremony, the formal shots, the reception and candid reportage shots or your guests, Ricky will play an unobtrusive role to ensure your guests aren’t disturbed unnecessarily, whilst creating an unforgettable memory for you.

You’ll find Ricky is an absolute professional with a friendly and sociable touch; he is an expert at putting people at ease to capture natural looking shots that really make a difference.

Your beautiful wedding album will be designed by adding refinements such as black and whites, sepia tones, hand colouring and retouching, where needed, so that your treasured day is captured forever just as you wanted it to be.

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