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Wedding at Archbishop’s Palace Maidstone

Joanne and David got married 19 February 2010 at The Archbishop’s Palace it was a cold crisp day. I meet the groom half hour before the marriage ceremony started taking photographs tried several backgrounds for the photos. Bride arrived just before it all started, She looked stunning wouldn’t take me out though I asked, Ha Ha. She  checked the register and [...]

Cheryl and Phillip Album Pt 2


Is your photographer always looking  to capture the fun moments at your wedding. When I’m at a wedding you have to your wits about you, hear someone laugh, scream talk loudly, you have to be ready with the camera to capture it. I have had the brides dress falling of GOT THAT PHOTO cannot show [...]

Wedding Photography at The Little Silver Country Hotel

After taking photographs of Cheryl and Phillip at The Little Silver Country Hotel I would recommend this venue to bride and grooms, It has a light airy bridal suite wonderful for photographs of the bride. The gardens have areas for different style of photography. The beautiful garden gazebo look wonderful during the day and lit [...]

Weddings at Penshurst Place

I have photographed 16 wedding at this venue the first was in 1991, It is one the best wedding venues in Kent around for photographs in the spring, summer, autumn and winter the gardens look great all year round. would like to photograph more weddings at Penshurst Place. It has the most picturesque formal [...]

Kiley and Steve’s wedding at Penshurst Place

Kiley and Steve got married at Penshurst Place in December. It was a cold wet day. The bride was an one and half hours late that affected the taking of photographs later in the day because it was getting dark outside after the wedding ceremony. I had another photographer covering the groom at the hotel [...]

“Why are wedding photographers so expensive?”

This is just one question you might hear from people who have just had the shock of their lives after receiving a quote from a wedding photographer. When a photographer quotes £2000 for an 8-hour wedding shoot, the immediate assumption is that he/she is earning £250 per hour. But if you take a closer look [...]

Cheryl & Phillip Wedding

Cheryl & Phillip wedding album photographs taken 21 June 2009 at The Little Silver Country Hotel. It was a bright sunny day, I arrived at 11 am to capture the arrival of the groom and best men in a limousine. They had been for breakfast with champagne in Blackheath then onto the venue.
The day went well [...]

Article in Pro Photo Mag

The Mitsubishi Click system is ideally geared up to the requirements
of event photographers and is the engine driving the workflow that
allows Ricky Turrell to run his profitable business Anyone who is
connected with event photography will tell you that the essence of a
successful business is the ability tobe able to operate at speed while still
delivering quality that will keep the [...]

Finding a wedding photographer

Finding a wedding photographer can be a tricky business so it is important to speak to as many photographers as possible to see what they  can offer. You can also ask  your friends who did their wedding photography. You have to decide what style  you want traditional wedding photography or reportage wedding photography some call [...]