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The Mitsubishi Click system is ideally geared up to the requirements
of event photographers and is the engine driving the workflow that
allows Ricky Turrell to run his profitable business Anyone who is
connected with event photography will tell you that the essence of a
successful business is the ability tobe able to operate at speed while still
delivering quality that will keep the customer happy. As a photographer of
some 30 years standing Ricky Turrell understands that requirement better
than most, and his event photography business, AI Events, has relied on
Mitsubishi printers virtually since they were first introduced and it’s been a
long and successful relationship. “When I started out selling event
photographs it was a very different business to the one it is today,”says Ricky.
“I would shoot pictures at an event onfilm, would head back to a local lab and
get them printed to finished prints 8×6 in size and then get back to the event
before it finished to show and sell them. It was never an ideal way to sell
because of the wastage and I realised as soon as I saw the portable printers
that Mitsubishi was producing that this was the way to go. I’ve used them for
over ten years now and they’ve been a really reliable partner to me over that
time and I would recommend them to anyone.”AI Events covers everything
from black tie balls through to theme nights, charity dinners, dance
school events, ladies festivals, school proms and corporate events, and
while Ricky tackles many of these himself he also has a team of
photographers he can call on around the country who will tackle
jobs under the AI Events banner. This national coverage ensures a
busy schedule and it’s vital for Ricky to be able to handle jobs efficiently
and with the maximum opportunity for sales. His printers of choice are
Mitsubishi CP3800DWs and CP9550DWs, and for the bigger jobs where
up to six printers might be required he uses a Click IT 5000 unit, while
smaller events can be catered for using the Click Lite unit. Both units
offer a touch screen interface which allows images to be displayed to
clients and printed directly off screen without the intervention of an
additional computer. “It’s a really good set-up to work with,” says
Ricky. “The quality of the prints is first class and the two printers
cover all the eventualities. I use the CP9550DW to produce 9×6in
prints, but the CP3800DW allows me to go bigger and to produce
10×8in or even 12×8in prints in as little as 35 seconds if I want to.
This can be really useful at something like a ladies festival, where
they have seen 9×6in prints before and are really looking
for something a little different. I can produce a 12×8in print
and put it in a silver metal frame and it’s an instant gift which I can
sell for a premium. My 9×6in prints will usually sell for around £10 -
£15 each, but if I sell a 12×8in print in a frame I can charge £20-35 each,
and all for very little extra effort.”Not only does the CP3800DW produce
a print quickly, but it does so without any sacrifice to the resolution
quality of the print. Mitsubishi’s new colour management engine
ensures vivid images, deeper black tones and smear-free gradation with
every print. Featuring an extremely compact form factor, the CP3800DW
builds on Mitsubishi’s established reputation for quality dye-sublimation
thermal transfer printing and features a unique roll-type mechanism for
jam-free reliability and a colour reproduction system developed specifically
for digital printing technology. This new technology utilizes built-in colour
Imaging Chips to accurately control colour characteristics and deliver
consistent print quality, regardless of ink sheet.
The Click Lite has proved to be the perfect partner for the printer and has
been designed to be extremely intuitive to use, which ensures that it
should be no problem for anyone to come to terms with, even if it’s the first
time they have worked at an event. “It’s a great way to showcase pictures,”
says Ricky. “Some of my photographers sometimes work with a laptop
and a printer at an event, but if they use the touch screen system featured
on the Click then my reckoning based on past jobs is that they would make
an extra £150 a night on sales because it’s so much easier to show a client
what they are going to get. You can pull up their picture,crop into it and
make any adjustments that are necessary all by touching the screen and
then print it out on the spot.
“I always make sure that the Click is set up so that it’s at eye level and the
image quality will be nice and bright and easy to see. If you use a laptop
the images will often look dark if you view them from an angle and it’s
not so appealing. It also takes much longer to work on an image using a
laptop, and this business is really all about speed.
“My motto for the business is ‘Flash, Cash and Dash.’ I flash them,
take the cash off them and they dash off with the photo.
The Mitsubishi system allows me to do exactly that, and what
could be simpler?”
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