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Cheryl & Phillip Wedding

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Cheryl & Phillip wedding album photographs taken 21 June 2009 at The Little Silver Country Hotel. It was a bright sunny day, I arrived at 11 am to capture the arrival of the groom and best men in a limousine. They had been for breakfast with champagne in Blackheath then onto the venue.

The day went well with the bride and brides maids being photographed in the bridal suite back to the groom getting ready. Then to the  ceremony with all the guests seated outside and the toastmaster John Yarrow organizing the guests. Bride arrives, I have permission to take photographs throughout the ceremony where ever I want, the day goes well and you can view the album that was chosen by the bride and groom.

Bridal portrait

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1 Comment to Cheryl & Phillip Wedding

  1. January 27, 2010 at 11:19 am | Permalink

    I was the toastmaster at the Cheyrl’s and Phillip’s wedding and although I have not previously seen Ricky photograph a wedding before I have known him for a number of years – I too am also a professikonal wedding photographer. Ricky is a very much larger than life character who has that personality of his own. At this wedding he soon was able to make the couple, their familes and guests relax so much so they actually enjoying the experience of being photographed by him – in fact, I even heard a number of guests comment to the effect that he was fun. As a photographer he was organised, all the photogtraphs requested of him by the couple plus a lot more when asked or own his own valition – certainly, he provided “that special professional service”. During the time I have been officiating at weddings as a toastmaster I have watched a great many photographers a number of whom are considered “the tops” within this part of the county – Ricky in my view “beat them hands down” and it was my pleasure watching him work that day.

    John Yarrow.

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