Wedding photography in Kent, London, Essex and Uk


Is your photographer always looking  to capture the fun moments at your wedding. When I’m at a wedding you have to your wits about you, hear someone laugh, scream talk loudly, you have to be ready with the camera to capture it. I have had the brides dress falling of GOT THAT PHOTO cannot show it bride forbid me.

Below the groom and the best  man  singing in the rain. I had groom running after the  bride caught the dress with his foot pulled the dress right of  her left her in her underwear I got the shot just as the dress  ripped but the videographer got the all of it, It should have  been shown on the television for best wedding clip it was hilarious event the bride was laughing her head of, it was her idea for a shot she had see in a magazine.

I even caught the groom putting is shoes out the door to be cleaned outside the bridal suite, I was walking to my room.

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