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Kiley and Steve’s wedding at Penshurst Place

Wedding at penshurst Place
Kiley and Steve got married at Penshurst Place in December. It was a cold wet day. The bride was an one and half hours late that affected the taking of photographs later in the day because it was getting dark outside after the wedding ceremony. I had another photographer covering the groom at the hotel and arrivals at the venue.

The grooms father had come out of hospital (he had been seriously ill but he wanted to be there, the wedding was brought forward by 6 months for him) to see his son get married, he look good on the day very happy, joys of the occasion but sadly he died 3 days later.

Steve and Kiley had come back from Dubia to get married and as now moved back picked over 200 photographs for their story book album. The cost was in excess of £3.5k.

I have photographed 16 wedding at this venue the first was in 1991, It is one the best venues around for photographs in the spring, summer, autumn and winter the gardens look great all year round.

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