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Wedding at Archbishop’s Palace Maidstone

Joanne and David got married 19 February 2010 at The Archbishop’s Palace it was a cold crisp day. I meet the groom half hour before the marriage ceremony started taking photographs tried several backgrounds for the photos. Bride arrived just before it all started, She looked stunning wouldn’t take me out though I asked, Ha Ha. She  checked the register and went in to get married. I was one of the first to  congratulate them on their marriage.

There was only 40 guests every body getting on with each over and having a good laugh. After the photographs were taken we went onto the wedding reception at the Holiday Inn Maidstone. The room had been decorated by some of the family with posters up of the couple. You had a choice of starters and buffet main meal it was very taste. As a special thank you I came back with a  edited  photograph and printed and  framed for the bride and groom.

Wedding photography by Ricky Turrell

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Joanne and David's wedding at the Archbishops Palace Maidstone

Joanne and David's wedding at the Archbishops Palace Maidstone

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